Smart Buildings

The digital revolution has dramatically increased the function and reduced the cost of consumer devices. This has led to an explosion of new smart devices in the buildings, from digital TVs and game systems to environmental controls, smart appliances, and safety and monitoring devices, along with lifestyle, wellness and medical devices.

Smart Buildings are buildings that through their physical design and IT installations are responsive, flexible and adaptive to changing needs from its users and the organizations that inhabit the building during its life time. The building will supply services for its inhabitants, its administration and operation & maintenance. The Smart Building will accomplish transparent intelligent behavior, have state memory, support human and installation systems communication, and be equipped with sensors and actuators.

Typically, Smart Buildings are buildings managed by ICT-based solutions which improve energy efficiency and resources management at all stages of a building’s life cycle. The convergence of building management and ICT systems is enabling organizations to reduce operational overheads in many areas and gain greater control through a single interface.

“Smart Buildings” is a powerful concept that is emerging from the Internet of Things

SmartID is working on the concept of Smart Buildings through the development of Smart Objects and of a new asset management solution