NFC Heritage 3.0

SmartID has developed a solution for enjoying monuments, museums, archaeological sites, art galleries, etc.., based on the use of NFC (Near Field Communication), a wireless technology already available on some smartphones. In the coming years will be more widespread and will benefit from new services such as proximity payments, ticketing, object recognition, etc. ..

With our solution, NFC Heritage 3.0, are the objects that speak to the visitor by providing information about themselves by simply bringing smartphone to those objects. Paintings, works of art, monuments, parts of monuments, streets, squares, palaces, reveal themselves to visitors through a variety of multimedia contents accessible on their mobile phones.

All this is possible thanks to the NFC tags, suitably encoded, which are placed on the objects and places of interest. Multimedia contents reside on web pages, easily managed and updated by the editors. It is a simple and non-invasive technology that does not alter the state of objects and works.

Our solution offers different advantages:

  • Users can enjoy art and art cities in an engaging, interactive and personalized way through multimedia contents that can be delivered in different languages.
  • The editors and / or managers can change and update at any time the contents that will be immediately available to the user.
  • The system recognizes the language set on the smartphone and delivers the contents in that language, if available.