SmartID is an “Internet of Things” company, whose mission is to put “scientific and technological creativity at the service of companies and citizens”.
The Internet of Things is the new frontier for integrating the virtual world of information technology with the real world of things. SmartID wants to be a protagonist of the Internet of Things through the creation and development of new solutions and new services for businesses and citizens.

Notably, in the next 10 years is expected exponential growth of applications and services based on “mobile” technology, both in the consumer and in the business market.

Therefore SmartID has chosen to focus on two major lines of business:

  • The development of applications, solutions and services based on the use of smartphone as intelligent device, especially through the integration of NFC technology for micro-payments, access control, ticketing, etc..
  • The development of applications, solutions and services based on M2M (machine-to-machine) in industries like transport and logistics, asset management, industrial processes, automation, etc..

The values of SmartID

  • The technological creativity as a success factor for the development of new solutions
  • Solutions and products useful for the needs of businesses and citizens
  • Responsibility towards our customers and towards the community in which we operate
  • Environmental protection in our production processes and in our solutions

Strengths of SmartID

In our two business areas, we can provide to customers, companies and public organizations, integrated solutions characterized by:

  • higher scientific and technological content
  • greater responsiveness to the needs of the client organization
  • less emphasis on form over substance
  • guideline implementation and outcomes as well as creativity
  • sharing of international best practices
  • ability to contextualize interventions rather than to adapt existing solutions