SmartID Ltd. is an university spin-off (University of Salento – Lecce) founded in 2010 from a collaboration between “CERPI” (Research Center for Innovation Policies) and two business partners of national level.

The “CERPI” was born in 2005 at the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento. It carries out projects of innovation and especially it uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to develop new services and new products.

On these issues the “CERPI” has won several grants for research projects and has received several contracts by companies.

Research Lines

The research lines of the CERPI are:

  • Sustainable development: environmental impact of production processes, technology risk assessment, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of products.
  • Safety and industrial risk management: safety and maintenance management in industrial plants, analysis on industrial plant reliability, policies optimizing the maintenance process.
  • Logistics supply chain management: integration of advanced solutions to support logistics (from material handling to storage) with tools for managing physical and informational flows of strategic relevance.
  • Process innovation and new business models: the use of ICT to improve organizational and business performance, development of new business models, re-engineering of organizational processes based on ICT.
  • Innovation in services: solutions for urban and suburban mobility based on ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems), solutions for the collection of urban waste based on RFID technology.