At SmartID we have two main assets:

  • Software Factory

    Software Factoryphysically located in our headquarter in Sannicola (Italy). It is specialized in producing computer software applications or software components. Our Software Factory has a team of experienced professionals who thrive on creativity and problem solving. We combine our exceptional skills to deliver successful, versatile solutions to any business problem. The effectiveness of our Software Factory is based on a considerable organizational, process and project discipline. These disciplines typically involve: high quality requirements gathering, derivation, management, and packaging; rigorous program management; effective resource management and allocation; proven/reusable components; and excellent project scheduling and control.

  • Research Lab

    Research Labphysically located in the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento (Italy). Here we experience and develop new technologies and services. Typically we develop prototypes in terms of mockups of an application. Prototypes help users get an idea of what the system will look like, and make it easier for users to make design decisions without waiting for the system to be built.

Both in Software Factory and Research Lab, we only employ a “Team of Excellence